The Hôtel des Académies et des Arts in Paris, France

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The Hôtel des Académies et des Arts is a boutique hotel located next to the Jardin du Luxembourg and Montparnasse, a place devoted to the creative arts.

The hotels offers 20 rooms with 4 ambiances. Classic Room, Double Room, Superior Room, Parisienne-Left Bank Room, Comédienne Room, Man Ray Room, and Ruhlmann Room are found at this hotel.

Romantic Classic Rooms are motivated by the artistic career of Kiki of Montparnasse and her lifestyle during les Années Folles, these rooms will bring you the close by theater’s feeling.

Trendy Club Rooms have four ambiances innate from the rich neighborhood history, these Club Rooms offer the chance to enjoy an exclusive and memorable stay in assorted environments.

Luxurious Superior Rooms are their biggest rooms, in a Rulhman decor, guests will have a pick on Atelier de la Grande Chaumière. In addition, various complimentary amenities will help you to unwind upon your arrival.

The ever-seductive Parisienne Room is stylish, appealing, dreamy, chic, and distinguished. The light is tenderly filtered through superior fabrics, and the room is decorated in tones of cream and taupe. The bed is pushed away in an niche under a canopy of purple crushed velvet. The Parisienne Room, with its spectacular view of Jérôme Mesnager’s “White body”, has a come-hither magnetism. And lastly, because the Parisienne loves shopping, there is a dressing room specially so that she can store her prized acquisitions from Paris left bank’s shops.

The Boutique Hôtel des Académies et des Arts, right next to Gaîté Montparnasse, could hardly fail to pay homage to this celebrated street and the actors that have recognized its character. The Comédienne room, with its enormous bed head upholstered in red velvet, is a fitting praise to the theatre world. The Comédienne is also a stroke bohemian, with its wonderful views over the rooftops of Paris.

A tribute to photography and to Man Ray: the traveler will value the delicate relationship of contrasts, framing and perspectives of the Man Ray Room. It has a chiefly mannish ambiance, with dark colored furnishings, complementary fabrics and walls inflated with moldings: black and white are the dominant tones.

Spending a night in a Ruhlmann Room is like travelling back in time to the twenties and the era of Art Déco. The room is light, graceful, and tenderly welcoming, the ideal atmosphere. The bed boasts a bed head in embellished grey satin, sanded glass light fittings, fully-integrated bedside tables and is uncontaminated perfection. The Ruhlmann Room is discerningly appointed with classically-designed furniture and chic, modern fabrics. It all radiates an air of magnificence, calm, and sensuousness. The perfect setting for guests’ imaginative side, and a friendly shelter for the traveler.

Each and every bathroom has its own window and is filled with light. Some feature their own terrace with replicas of the cast iron chairs you find in the famous Jardin du Luxembourg, closed of our Design Hotel. And from all the rooms overlooking the courtyard, there are stunning views of Jérôme Mesnager’s amazing white body.

This year they have opened a fashionable, remarkable, and friendly tea room in the hotel. On the menu there are macaroons by Pierre Hermé, who needs no introduction as his originality and bravery have left his colleagues in the world of patisserie astonished with respect. To escort Monsieur Hermé’s yummy creations, they offer an assortment of teas from “Le Palais des Thés”, which sources its tea directly from tea-producing areas in Asia and Central America.

A boutique hotel in Latin quarter that has become a true place of importance, The Hôtel des Académies et des Arts, is a luxury hotel where rooms have a mix of timeless design and modern materials with shades of taupe and plum or even dramatic red in an atmosphere of calm and subtle luxury.

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