The Michelberger Hotel In Berlin, Germany

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The Michelberger Hotel is a 119-room, boutique hotel in Berlin, Germany.

“Check in and check out Berlin.” Created by a group of friends, this
unique hotel in east Berlin is very funky, very young, and very
Berlin. Packed with “as much Berlin vibes and love as possible,” the
Michelberger Hotel is set in a renovated factory building “built for
Austrian carpenters, Swedish models, English rockstars, Japanese
businessmen, German racing car drivers, and American dudes.” Inside,
the Michelberger “Intergalactic Explorers” have created a cozy hotel
with clever design.

Rooms at the Michelberger are bright and warm with “loving
mattresses,” Michelberg TVs, private bathrooms and wireless internet.
Choices range from the Cosy room, which comes with a bed, strong
shower, and Michelberger TV, to the Big One, which welcomes a
“basketball team” or “catwalk models” with two showers, three sofas,
high beds for 6-8 people and lots of mirrors. But the Michelberger
concept doesn’t end there.

Interested guests can pursue a “flatshare,”
or “WG” at the Michelberger—a kind of superfunky hostel situation
where there is “never a dull moment and making new friends is
guaranteed.” For the more conventional hotel guest, however, the
Michelberger offers the Chalet with a bathtub by the window; the Room
with the View, which boasts a terrace and video projector; the Golden
One with a fireplace; the wheelchair-friendly Comfort room; or the
Clever One, which comes with a private library.

The Michelberger bar is pays homage to Berlin where guests can drink,
eat, and surf the web. The hotel restaurant is casual with 100
different wooden chairs. The Courtyard hosts concerts, Berlin’s
smallest Christmas market, and a beer garden. The Backstage area
doubles as a conference room for 50-80 serious types or 150 partiers.
The Whisky Room is for whiskey, poker, boys and “lots of women, no
pictures.” The Basement formerly housed the Michelberger’s legendary
Construction Site Disco Parties where musicians currently rehearse and
the hotel plans to build a sauna.

This eclectic hotel even has its own graphic design studio where
“Azar” works on hotel designs as well as other “external clients if
the job is right.” Guests are invited to “knock at 132 and say hello.”
All around this boutique hotel are unique objects collected all over
Berlin. Travelers considering a stay can download the Michelberger
Hotel’s lookbook to see what the hotel is like at all times and in all
locations with more gutsy design sense than the average hotel press

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