The New Hotel in Athens, Greece

October 25, 2011 by

The New Hotel is a superb hotel located in Athens, the perfect place for an exceptional and memorable vacation.

The hotel is celebrated because it was designed by the brothers Campana, who have shaped this wonderful building unifying together the magic of the ancient Athens with the finest contemporary amenities.

The atmosphere of the hotel is stylish and precise down to the nominal detail, provided with smooth sharp mirrors and tailored contemporary furnishings, which were fashioned from the use of recycled materials and intelligently made by local art students.

The brothers, known for their audacious designs, have worked within three visibly identified themes which stay true to the Athenian culture. These themes are independently distinguished within three different room types throughout the hotel.

The first room type pays respect to the fictional characters from Greek folklore called Karagiozis. The second room type embraces the ‘evil eye’, a credulous bead that guards against bad omens and the third displays historic post cards giving visitors an insight into old Athens. Executive floors, and Penthouse Executive lounge present a panoramic view of the city.

The New Hotel places at your clearance, a fine restaurant, which is sure to satisfy even the most demanding taste.

The hotel is positioned 200 meters from Synatgma (Constitution) square, the most central part of Athens, a center point to the daily activities of all Athenians. The New Hotel is at a perfect spot to experience the very best of Athens, from ancient to contemporary times.

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