The Pig Hotel in Brockenhurst the heart of Hampshire’s New Forest National Park, England

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The Pig in Brockenhurst is more than a boutique hotel; it is a timeless country house and conventional country kitchen restaurant with a contemporary spin. It offers guests an exclusive and peaceful retreat in the heart of Hampshire’s New Forest National Park.

This place is really a restaurant with rooms. This is a place that is all about the walled garden: everything is driven by the gardener/forager and chef, they grow and find the food, the chef then makes the menu.

The Pig takes on a new style and tradition of “home grown,” with 26 bedrooms with an inventive, comfortable atmosphere.

It’s style is home grown in every way, breaking the mould of designed boutique hotels, with the audacity to be comfortable in its own skin, working with what it has and appreciating what is good about that. It will be tender, peaceful, cozy, fascinating, and plain with gentle colors, a bit unkempt style and developed rather than interior designed. Sitting areas have big chairs and springy sofas, thriving fires in winter and a relaxed bar to hang out in.

The Pig has great rooms to balance the food, comprising 16 in the main house and 10 in the stable yard .

In the main house bedrooms are a prolongation of the home grown theme, evolved rather than designed, a lot of using what they have and making the new elements the things that really matter, really comfy beds and linens , great showers and baths, naturally stunning views, with new vistas being opened up so all rooms having good forest or garden outlooks.

In the stable yard they have created something a bit unusual, renovating the stables into duplex suites and rooms with their own courtyards. With imaginative and preserved features like stable partitions and fittings, all have farmyard names such as The Pig Hut, The Pig Shed, and Hen House.

The Pig is surrounded by, and has direct access into, the 1000 year old New Forest National Park. Their grounds include many outside areas for purely lazing around – created as ‘rooms’ for you to sit, soak up and relish the forest and gardens over a glass, or a plate or two.

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