The Seven Hotel in Paris, France

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The Seven is a luxurious four-star designer hotel near the Luxembourg Gardens and Rue Mouffetard in Paris, France.
The Seven offers 28 individually designed rooms with levitating beds and starlit skies. The series of seven suites of the Hotel Seven expresses a new concept of design: each suite was uniquely created with different themes and interactive features, all featuring mini-bars in addition to the services of regular rooms.

The Levitation Room is equipped with a levitating bed, transparent shower, and fiber optics. This room is the perfect place for the guest to be carried away among the clouds, where comfort and dreams rule the day.
In Absolute Levitation Room a perfect illusion is created: the bed floats in the center of the room, backing up to a luminous shower. The room contains a levitating bed, shower for two behind the bed, fiber optics and two basins.
The Suspended Bath room features a levitating bed, a levitating bath and fiber optics. Everything in this room levitates showing the architectural prowess. The guest if sure to have a unique and unforgettable stay in this room.
Close To The Stars is a small suite located on the top floor. Some features not to be missed: the view, levitating bed, fiber optics and Italian-style shower.

Each room comes with: Wi-Fi, Nespresso, safe, iPod base, 1 olfactory channel, air conditioning and bathrobes.

The Seven offers seven distinct suites for the guest to choose from: The Black Diamond, Suite 7, On/Off, Alice, Marie Antoinette, Sublime and Lovez-vous. Each suite is individually designed with its own character and feel to accommodate any type of guest.
The Black Diamond is designed by Sylvia Corrette. Like a diamond jewel, it is dazzling in a sophisticated atmosphere. The guest will explore a designer jewel where black becomes a color, where comfort and luxury meet to create this exceptional suite. Glamour and romanticism are the essence of a passionate, dream-like stay in the The Black Diamond. The suite comes equipped with: Swarovski bathtub and basin, extra large shower, body jet shower, mirror-TV and lounge corner.

Suite 7 is designed by Agence Bastie. This suite was designed for the guest to slip into the mythical British spy’s tailored suit – you’ll never want to leave. With exceptional decor, a mythical world and a combination of retro-chic and futuristic design, the Suite 7 leads the guest on a wild race along the footsteps of 007. During your stay, the guest will be carried away by the suite’s sophisticated allure. Suite 7 is sure to give the guest a sense of adventure during their stay. Adding to the excitement of the room are: 160 cm large screen, luxurious shower stall, Hammam function, endless mirror, golden toilets, and lounge corner.
The On/Off suite is designed Paul Mathieu. An unprecedented experience, the guest can transform the suite with a simple click of a button. The Seven Hotel invites the guest to explore the wonder of travel according to your whims in the On/Off suite’s sophisticated world. A suite, a switch, two possibilities.

The On/Off suite impresses with its decidedly modern design, its subtle and sophisticated luxury, and the ability to change its interior design with the simple push of a button. This brilliant idea is expressed through the magic of materials and light, creating a suite – a space – where guests can travel according to their desires. Some features not to be missed: canopy bed, two interior designs in one room and lounge corner.

The Alice Suite is also designed by Paul Mathieu. Out of the ordinary and playful, the Alice suite is full of surprises, sure to leave the guest with memories of your stay in Wonderland. Let your childhood memories, most fantastic ideas and hidden desires overcome you in this marvelous suite, where comfort, aestheticism, luxury and playfulness exist side by side and blend together. The Alice Suite, a bit off-the-wall, will satisfy those who love new experiences, curious minds eager to discover one of The Seven Hotel’s Parisian marvels. The features of The Alice Suite include: 10 psychedelic settings, 2 WCs with a chessboard in the middle, rabbit emerging from the wall, 2 basins, clawfoot tub and shower and lounge.

The Marie Antoinette Suite is designed by Sylvia Corrette. An enchanting boudoir, the Marie Antoinette suite will most certainly captivate the guests’ senses during your stay in this small, sunlit Versailles. Let the furnishings and trinkets, colors and materials tell one of the greatest love stories from the French Royal court. Fashionable trends, frivolity and desire make this suite an ideal setting for a lively stay, filled with color and emotion. Every moment spent in the suite leaves memories of pure happiness, exuding a bit of passion in your Paris getaway. Some features not to be missed by the guest are: a sophisticated and romantic world, clawfoot tub and shower, canopy bed, “voluptuous” lounge and Fresco Oil.

The Sublime Suite is designed by Agence Bastie. Of rare elegance, the Sublime is a subtle mix of softness and voluptuousness which will enchante every moment of the guests’ stay in romantic Paris. The Sublime offers crystal drop beads, furnishings with round, gentle curves and a round soft bed. The Sublime suite transports the guest to a haven of sensual beauty. Every detail was designed to carry the guest away to a sophisticated and romantic world, full of originality and elegance, for the most wonderful night of your trip. The Sublime comes equipped with: spa bath for two, round 250 cm levitating bed, “voluptuous” lounge, and 2 basins.

The Lovez-vouz Suite is designed by Virginie Cauet. If you’re looking for an extraordinary Parisian delight, plunge into the Lovez-vous suite’s Jacuzzi and be carried beyond your imagination by its many marvelous delights. An alliance of simplicity and ingenuity, of comfort and design, of Epicureanism and estheticism, the Lovez-vous suite provides a private setting for your Parisian stay. A blend of the most noble materials and innovative technologies create a peaceful, fashionable cocoon, making your night in the Lovez-vous unforgettable. Some features not to be missed in the Louvez-vouz suite: round 220cm levitating bed, Bioethanol chimney, terrace with a Jacuzzi for two, shower room, cowhide bath, 2 large televisions and and lounge corner.
The Seven Hotel offers a range of amenities for it’s guests: free Wi-Fi, 24 hour room service, Bar & Lounge, wine cellar, massages on request, patio, 24 hour reception, air conditioning, access for people with disabilities, safe at the reception desk, luggage room, concierge service, dry cleaning service, in-room breakfast, breakfast in the dining room and laptop computer available for loan.
The Seven Hotel is a beautiful boutique hotel with unique and fresh interior design that is sure to leave the guest floating on air in the City of Light.

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