The Weinmeister Hotel in Berlin, Germany

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The Weinmeister Hotel is an enthralling “golden cage” in the heart of Berlin.

The Weinmeister Berlin-Mitte, the newest project by Thomas Tänzer and Elmo Hagendorf, the entrepreneurial duo who created Lux 11, opened its doors in July 2010.

This 88-room hotel, located in the Mitte district, one of Berlin’s most active areas, is intended for business travelers from the film, music, fashion and other imaginative fields, as well as vacation travelers.

The building, designed by Berlin-based Braun & Braun Designer and Architects, has a flat matte golden metal and avant-garde front that resembles a cage. Dirk Dreyer, the hotel manager, entertainingly refers to it as a “golden cage.” He says, “But in this case, this cage is fun. It’s one where you want to enter, discover and be in, as you have the key to get in or out anytime you want!”

The hotel’s striking foyer is a work of art by local graffiti artist GYF5 and calls to mind both the dissolution of Mitte during the Communist era, as well as the area’s modern innovative revitalization.

Walking beyond the entrance, guests will find the Club Lounge, an area where gigantic couches and chairs sheltered in supple deluxe felt are appealing to the touch, and offer the ideal locale to hang back and unwind over a glass of wine or a latte. The Schwarz bar, neighboring the reception area, is named for the German actress and hotel regular Jessica Schwarz. There, guests and locals can come together and enjoy contemporary versions of conventional German dishes.

A rooftop spot offers a bird’s eye view of the area’s rooftops and of the nearby city. The design also features a Beautyspa where guests can enjoy massages and cosmetic treatments overlooking Berlin. The elevator ride leading up to the guestrooms is a fun, visually amusing encounter, the elevator cage, made of clear glass on two sides, allows guests to mull over colorful wall paintings by local street artists, each with a distinctive theme on each floor.

Guestrooms are bare, nominal and have a masculine sense to the design. The established colors, black, grey and dark brown, are counterbalanced by the whiteness of the walls. Each room offers an Apple iMac instead of a TV, allowing guests a larger variety of technology access and reflecting the state-of-the-art modernity of the hotel. Other design elements include shelves made from natural oak wood slabs in the bathrooms, while the bedrooms contain hand-crafted lamps with shades inspired by airbags, whimsical touches that mitigate the design.

Each room is also home to an oversized bed, which acts as a room within a room and suggests “cocooning.” Photographer Henrik Pfeifer has produced 88 portraits, one for each room in The Weinmeister.

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