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Tips for Getting a Hotel Upgrade Without Paying More

October 16, 2013 by

Hotel Front Desk

Establish a personal relationship with the front desk.

Looking for a hotel upgrade without paying more? According to the Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible host Anthony Melchiorri, the use of social media is a great place to start.

He suggests posting on a hotel’s Facebook page about how excited you are about your upcoming stay and why you’re coming. He says, “They will see that and they will typically automatically upgrade you.” He also suggests calling the front desk before your arrival to let the hotel know it is your birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion.

Ask for an Upgrade

Industry insider, Jacob Tomsky, author of the book “Heads in Beds” offers another option. He suggests that instead of flying through the check-in process, to take the time to ask for an upgrade. His book offers other practical guidelines and tips about travel and tourism from the travel industry’s perspective.

Heads and Beds

Join a Loyalty Program

It also helps to stay loyal to a specific hotel. When you give a hotel repeat business, they often provide special attention to you as a guest because customer loyalty is important in the hotel industry. Sometimes joining a loyalty program can also help you get that upgraded hotel room.


Enjoy an upgrade without spending more.

Other Tricks to Help You Get an Upgrade

Other ways to help get that upgrade are small things that make a difference.

  • Establish a personal relationship with the front desk. Being nice to the people behind the desk can help you get upgrades and other benefits like a late checkout and upgraded amenities.
  • Tip the people at the front desk. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and tipping the people at the front desk can often get you special consideration and even help you get an upgrade. Most of these people are paid hourly and a tip is an act of kindness not offered by most.
  • Start with a mid-value room instead of the cheapest room and you’ll increase your chances of getting a free upgrade.
  • Reserve your room directly with the hotel. This saves the hotel commissions they would have to pay to a third party and will make them more likely to give you a hotel room upgrade.

Traveling on a budget does not mean you have to stay in a standard hotel room. Don’t be afraid to ask for an upgrade. The worst that can happen is they say “no” and you will be no worse off than if you had not asked. If you follow the above tips, there’s a good chance you will enjoy an upgraded room without spending more.

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