Town Hall Hotel in London, England

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Found in London’s pulsating East End, the award-winning Town Hall Hotel unites architectural magnificence with radical design and a dedication to the happiness of life.

Town Hall Hotel has a rich tradition, an attraction for over a century, a place that people all over the world recognize because of its fame as a film setting. The original hotel opened its doors in 1910, during the height of Edwardian architecture and British power. The building mirrored a fresh coolness and wealth in the Borough and the Council spent generously on superior architects, craftsmen, and artists to garnish it.

Today, Town Hall Hotel unites Edwardian, Art-Deco and the highest fresh contemporary architecture in one melodious piece. The design has drawn applause from English Heritage and won awards within the industry. Using techniques never before seen or used in Britain, including patterned metal veil, laser-cut with a design motivated by the Art-Deco Council Chamber, each room is flooded with natural light, while imaginative features have been carefully restored.

Every room and apartment suite has been independently designed. Many keep their magnificent Edwardian time features, while others have a modern chic style. Every one, however, is wonderfully roomy. The rooms all contain one-off traditional pieces of furniture and is made enjoyably appealing with sheepskin rugs by the bed, barista-quality coffee and indulgent toiletries. Town Hall Hotel also offers free Wi-Fi and entertainment center.

The pool space is designed in shades of white marble with touches of brass that remember the grace and charm of a traditional spa. Natural light falls from the roof and catches the reflective tiles which line the pool, turning the water a wonderful glistening green, blue and copper as the day goes on. The pool is fifteen meters in length, long enough for a brisk swim.

Viajante Restauarant, and its talented Chef Patron Nuno Mendes, won a Michelin star within 9 months of its opening. Nuno Mendes rules over four state-of-the-art kitches in Town Hall Hotel, giving banquets for events, running two excellent restaurants, and London’s most pioneering cocktail bar.

You’ve seen Town Hall Hotel on the silver screen, but now its time for you to see it in person.

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