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Visit this Volcano Shaped Rainforest Hotel in Chile

March 5, 2014 by

Montana Magica Lodge

The Montana Magica Lodge (Magic Mountain) is a Chilean hotel that offers a unique vacation experience in the middle of the jungle. It’s hidden away deep in southern Chile at the center of a 300,000-acre private nature reserve, and is only accessible by foot. It offers a truly rustic sense of adventure as guests have to muster enough courage to walk the swinging rope bridge to get inside.

Montana Magica Lodge


On first sight the building looks nothing like a hotel. In fact, it looks somewhat like a large arboreal building found on Endor or perhaps Middle Earth. This “hut” is shaped like a volcano and covered with greenery with windows peaking from the sides.

At various times throughout the day it even erupts, spewing water into the air and cascading down the sides of the hotel. Inside, the Montana Magica Lodge is a 13-room guest house with rich natural décor including warm wood tones. The rooms themselves are not large, but they do offer good size beds.

Montana Magica Lodge

Things to Do

A stay at the Montana Magica offers a few activities like the wild-course mini golf where the holes form part of the natural terrain. Jungle treks (hiking) are also a popular way to spend time and offers a chance to catch a glimpse of the world’s smallest deer, a pudu which are only at 13″ tall.

Guests also have access to the longest zip line in South America. It runs through the grounds 1,500 ft. overhead. However, access to these activities will depend on weather.

At the end of the day, guests enjoy the luxury of soaking in hot tubs carved from gigantic tree trunks stretching from the walls of the waterfall volcano, with the sound of cascading water creating a relaxing backdrop.

This hotel is part of the Huilo Huilo biosphere reserve. Prices at this rainforest hotel range from £150 to £260 per night.

Photo credits: mireyapeters, revistaenfoquecl Avodrocc

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    Not sure I understand the reasoning behind the fake water “erruptions” but it looks like a unique travel experience!

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