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Weekend Getaway: Palisade Wine Country

April 13, 2013 by


Palisade, Colorado, has long been known for it’s rich soils and it’s fruits, but it’s also a great, close to home destination for wine lovers. Over 80% of Colorado wine is grown and produced in this area and for that reason, it is known as the “Wine Capital of Colorado.”

This wine region is located on the Western Slope of Colorado. It’s a small, quaint region of Colorado which leaves it with uncrowded tasting rooms and a secluded, romantic, feeling. The multicolored mesas provide a great backdrop against rows of peach orchards and wine vineyards.

Vines grow well here because of the natural artesian wells beneath the surface of the earth which provide excellent irrigation for the crops. Due to it’s location along the Western Slope, early morning winds prevent frost and provide a temperate climate in the region.

Palisade is best know for it’s sweet wines: Viogner, Reisling, and Gewurtztraminer, and blends made with local fruits, but they also grow rich Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Lemberger, and Shiraz grapes.

There are over 20 small batch, boutique wine producers in the area and all have their own unique shops and free tasting rooms.

Being just 4 hours from Denver, it’s a great destination for a weekend escape. Stay in one of the several bed and breakfasts dotting the landscape, relax, and explore a different side of Colorado.


Photo Source: Loco Steve

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  1. Iain Mallory says:

    I really like Colorado it’s a great adventure destination, interesting to hear about it’s credentials as wine country too. Thanks for educating me I have another reason to visit there again.

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