Yankee Ferry: A “Boatel” with History

September 11, 2012 by

Heading to New York and looking for an alternative to staying in a boxy room at a chain hotel? If you’re willing to hop across the Hudson to Hoboken, you have the opportunity to experience not only a unique hotel, but also a piece of history.

Built in 1907, the Yankee Ferry is registered as the oldest known ferryboat in the country, and served as an Ellis Island ferry, carrying thousands of immigrants to New York.

But the history doesn’t stop there.

Over the years, the ferry has also served as transportation for the wealthy during summer vacations to Maine’s Calendar Islands, was stationed in Boston Harbor to look for torpedoes during WWI, and used a ferry for US troops and armor during WWII.

Once the wars were over, Yankee made the changeover from steam to diesel and was reinvented as an Ellis Island tourist ferry.

Now, travelers have a chance to book a night on this historic “boatel,” which was recently lovingly renovated by married artists Victoria and Richard MacKenzie-Childs.

While the outside of the boat has remained classic, the inside has been re-imagined as a boutique boho chic hotel, sporting funky art and furnishings, as well as a family of chickens on deck.

Yankee has five bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms and can sleep up to 16. And don’t forget those incredible Manhattan skyline views.

The entire ferry can be booked from $599/night through

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