Camp Bestival Fun for Everyone

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Camp Bestival

Camp Bestival is celebrated in the UK and offers a blend of camping and entertainment which creates festival fun the whole family can enjoy. Camp Bestival 2013 is scheduled to be held August 1-4, and campers have a selection of campsites to choose from.

Four Camp Bestival Camping Fields

Camp Bestival offers four different camping fields plus an area for camper vehicles. Each area features nearby parking to make it easier to carry and set up your camping equipment, and each site offers showers and eco-friendly bathrooms, food vendors, and recycling stations.

Magic Meadow

Main campsites are situated near the Magic Meadow

Main Campsites: The main campsites are free with your event ticket and situated near the Magic Meadow field where guests can park and set up their tents. Most areas are set up for family camping with a few areas designated for non-families.

Reserved Camping Spaces: Reserved spaces are available for a fee and provide a guaranteed spot that can be picked out online. This is ideal for groups bringing their own equipment who plan to attend together and who want to be able to set up their tents side by side.

Boutique Campsites: Arrangements can be made in advance for boutique campsites equipped with tipis, yurts, squrts, cloudhouses, podpads and more, however these must be booked directly through suppliers.

Tangerine Fields Campsite: Campers can make arrangements for fully-equipped tents that are set up and ready to go before your arrival.

camp bestival

Much of the entertainment is free for ticket holders.

Camp Bestival Lineup

The Bestival Lineup is unbelievable, and most of the entertainment and shows are free once you get in. All you have to do is find a good spot, make yourself comfortable and enjoy!

Along with live acts, Bestival’s lineup also includes theatre shows, talks and interviews, comedy, authors, and workshops. Be sure to check out the updated lineup¬†for 2013’s entertainment on their site.

Bestival Tickets

While next August seems far away on the calendar, a limited amount of Bestival Tickets are on sale now for those who want to plan ahead. Buying now will save money for those on a budget and event coordinators are offering a 25-week payment plan.

To take advantage of this offer, visit their website and sign up. Tickets for children 10 and under are free, but they do need a ticket, and children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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