Disney Cruise Line Announces Change in Alcohol Policy

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If you are planning to take a Disney Cruise that departs on Sept. 30 or later, you’ll be interested to know they have put a new stricter alcohol policy in place. According to a report in Orlando Sentinel the changes will affect the amount of alcohol passengers can bring aboard Disney Cruise Line ships.

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Limits on Alcohol Brought Aboard

Disney’s new policy limits the amount of alcohol passengers are allowed to bring aboard their cruise ships. Under the new policy, passengers are limited to two unopened bottles, no larger than 750 milliliters of wine or champagne, and for guests boarding with beer the limit is a maximum of six 12 ounce bottles.

These limitations apply to alcohol being brought aboard at the start of the voyage as well as at each port of call.

Along with limiting the amount of alcohol brought on ship, the policy also restricts where the alcohol can be consumed. Alcohol brought aboard by passengers must be consumed in the privacy of their passenger cabin, unless they pay a fee to drink it in the ship’s dining room.

The previous alcohol policy allowed passengers to board with beer and liquor as long as it was carried onto the ship. Now, it must be stored in a carry-on bag or luggage and will not be allowed in checked luggage.

Disney Cruise boarding

Why the Policy Change?

According to a Disney Cruise Line spokesperson, they regularly evaluate their policy and making such a change is not unusual in the cruise industry.

While some suggest it could be a tactic to sell more liquor during the cruise, president and CEO of, Steward Chiron says that’s not likely. Instead, he suggest the change is likely to make for a smoother boarding process.

With the new alcohol policy in place starting Sept. 30, Disney has said they will seize and store any alcohol that violates the new policy for the duration of the cruise and it will be returned to passengers when they disembark.

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