Don’t Miss : Carnival De Nice, France, Feb 17th – Mar 4th

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Carnival De Nice

Carnival in Nice is currently one of the grandest and most renowned of its kind. Every year in February, for a period of two weeks, more than one million visitors congregate in the boisterous streets and line up to watch the grand parades. Each season, the Carnival King announces the start of the festivities and closes them, whereupon he is burned at the stake at the end of the last parade.

The celebrated Battle of Flowers takes place on the Promenade des Anglais, close to the prestigious Palais de la Méditerranée. In the course of a magnificent show, models dressed up in costumes toss out thousands of fresh flowers to bystanders while richly decorated floats proceed onward with the procession. On the Masséna square, one can see the main Carnival theme floats, accompanied by people in masks and costumes.

Carnival in Nice is different every year: new artists draw up the program and choose the theme, floats are rebuilt, and so are the giant papier-mâché figures. Many other activities accompany Carnival, such as open-air concerts and street-theater shows.

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