Don’t Miss: Battle of the Oranges Festival in Ivrea, Italy

December 16, 2011 by

The Battle of the Oranges festival is symbolizing a local 12th-century battle, the fight takes place in designated ‘battle zones’, where streets soon become clogged with pulp and peel. If you don’t fancy being hit by flying fruit, purchase a long, red Phrygian hat: red hats here represent freedom, and ensure you’ll be free from any squishy citrus incidents.
This involves some thousands of townspeople, divided into nine combat teams, who throw oranges at each other — with considerable violence — during the traditional carnival days: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. The carnival takes place in February; it ends on the night of “Fat Tuesday” with a solemn funeral. Traditionally, at the end of the silent march that closes the carnival the “General” says goodbye to everyone with the traditional phrase “See you next Fat Thursday at 1 p.m.”

More information about the Battle of the oranges festival you can find here.

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