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A mammoth among film festivals, the Cannes International Film Festival is never one to disappoint. This year, the festival takes place from May 10-20. Independent filmmakers from around the world enter submissions for this prestigious festival, which has become a celebrity event over the years.

The annual festival is a bit exclusive, open only to those in the film industry and members of the press, but that doesn’t stop throngs of fans from flocking to Cannes to catch glimpses of celebrities.

While industry professionals get to see the top new films of the year before anyone else at the festival, those not allowed inside the screenings still have a few options during the festival.

The Director’s Fortnight, a collection of non-competition independent films, is open to the public. Visitors can also attend International Critics’ Week, or catch a showing of a classic Cannes film fest movie nightly at The Beach Cinema. The open air theater shows movies each night of the festival starting at 9:30pm.

Even if you might not be allowed to rub elbows with film stars inside the screenings at this film fest, it’s worth a visit to take in the classic and historic ambiance of Cannes. The prestigious Cannes International Film Festival brings all sorts of celebrities and tourists into the French town, making the festival a time of celebration and fun.

You can check out the selection of films for 2012 at the Cannes International Film Fest website, along with more information about events and winners from past years.

Photo credit: Filmclique

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