Don’t Miss : MADEIRADIG Festival, Madeira Island, Dec 2 – 5

October 20, 2011 by

The MADEIRADIG Festival is a unique Adventure in extra-ordinary Music. Each December the Portuguese island – celebrated as the ‘paradise island’ and ‘floating garden’ – is transformed into a hotbed of digital culture. The festival on the storied volcanic island, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, features stunning and inimitable line-up, a landscape to match and attractive spring temperatures. This is an avantgarde Trip through the world of serious new & contemporary music.

MADEIRADIG was created in 2004, filling a gap in Madeira’s cultural events in the field of multimedia and digital arts. The Festival aimed to bring to Madeira international top level artists from music, film, video, computer art and photography and also to motivate Madeiran artists to create new works in these fields.

Madeira Island just around the corner of any city in Europe, the island that as sun all year around, a place still to be discovered. Any part of the island is very special, mixing African vegetation with European.  The northern part of the island you have the feeling that sometimes you are in Asia with the green valleys and the typical “ Laurissilva” trees.

The centre seems like a mix of Swiss Alps with the country side of England with the old Properties from the British and beautiful fields that surround them.  Along the coastline you couldn’t get more African feeling, the rocks and gardens full of different flowers so close to the warm blue ocean.

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