Don’t Miss : Sky Lantern Festival , Taiwan, Feb 6th

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Sky Lantern Festival - Taiwan

On the night of the festival, decorative lanterns depicting birds, beasts, historical figures, and any one of a number of different themes are carried by children or adorn temples. To highlight these glowing works of art, competitions are held . The Taipei Lantern Festival, held annually at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Plaza and the largest and most famous of these competitions, is attended every year by thousands of lantern-watchers. The Lantern Festival is further enriched by the customary lantern riddle parties that are held on this night.

The night sky on Lantern Festival is also illuminated by the Tainan Yanshui Fireworks Display and TaipeiPinghsi Sky Lanterns – known together as “Fireworks in the South, Sky Lanterns in the North,” as well as many other regional folk activities.

Thousands of people launch illuminated paper lanterns into the sky, which gracefully float about like so many glowing jellyfish. Few events can rival this festival’s dreamlike beauty.

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