Don’t Miss: Tall Ships Races, Helsinki

January 11, 2013 by

From July 17-20 this year, visitors to Helsinki can watch over 100 vessels as they make the trek from Denmark to Poland.

As a host city for the 2013 Tall Ships Races, the vessels will dock in Helsinki for these four days in July. While docked, visitors can marvel at the ships and participate in other fun activities during the races in the city’s┬áHietalahti area.

This race is the largest public event in Finland for the year and will attract thousands of visitors to the city.

The mission of the races is to teach young people the art of sailing and to promote friendship among different countries. For this reason, about half of the crew members of the traditional sailing ship vessels are between the ages of 15-25.

If you can’t get to Helsinki during the races, the other stops of the 2013 races are in Aarhus in Denmark, Riga in Latvia and Szczecin in Poland.

Photo source: Visit Helsinki

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