Don’t Miss: Witches Night (Pálení čarodějnic) in Prague

March 28, 2012 by

If  you a fan of Harry Potter and on Halloween you’re the first witch to go to a party  you must visit  Prague on April 30. On the night of April 30th, in one of the country’s more colorful traditions, many Czechs gather round hillside bonfires for Pálení čarodějnic (The Burning of the Witches, or Witches’ Night).
To keep witches at bay, people traditionally burn their old brooms.

In what’s probably a fertility rite, young couples leap the bonfire’s dying embers together, while single men leave freshly cut branches on the doorsteps of the woman they love.

Though it’s officially illegal to light fires within Prague’s city limits, an unofficial Čarodějnice celebration, popular with expats, is held on Petřín hill.

Held midway between spring equinox (the beginning of astronomical spring) and the summer solstice (longest day), on the night before May Day, the celebration is a confusing tangle of traditions, sharing common features with several other festivities.

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