Electric Forest Not Your Average Music Festival

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Electric Forest

This year’s Electric Forest Festival will be returning to the scenic village of Rothbury, Michigan, from June 26-29.

This is the fourth year for this popular festival, and if you’ve never attended, you’ll notice as soon as you enter the grounds, that this is not your average music festival celebration.

Electric Forest

Fairytale-Like Sherwood Forest Electrified

Stepping through the entrance to the Electric Forest Festival grounds is liking stepping through a portal to a fairytale-like playground for grownups with a mythical environment rich with a hedonistic lifestyle. Expect to be greeted with non-stop high fives from strangers.

And while the draw for many first timers may be the music, the magic that sets this festival apart is the Electric Forest – Sherwood Forest, where performances are staged among glowing trees, swaying lanterns, laser lights, and more.

At the back of the forest is Sherwood Court where you’ll find the second biggest stage of the festival and home to legendary jams and experimental genre-less acts.

Items not allowed in to the venue area include: alcohol, outside food or beverages, chairs, audio recording equipment, pro cameras, glass containers, framed or large backpacks, skateboards, bicycles, tents, Frisbees, etc. For the complete list, visit their website.

Electric Forest


The Electric Forest campgrounds will be open at 10:00 the morning starting Thursday, June 25 and will close by 12:00 noon on Monday, June 29.

The campground entrance is open around the clock during that time and allows guests to leave and re-enter as needed, however vehicles are subject to search and every person must wear their Electric Forest wristband.

Campers will be assigned a space about 12′ x 30′ next to their vehicle with primitive amenities provided including potable water and portable toilets, but there’s no electricity and gas generators are not allowed. However, solar powered generators can be used. Small, portable gas grills/stoves are allowed.

An onsite General Store sells small necessities and ice is available throughout the campground.

Prohibited Items for Campers

Along with gas generators there are other prohibited items. Open campfires are not allowed in the Electric Forest, and fireworks, prayer lanterns, and fire performances are not allowed at the campgrounds or the festival grounds.

And needless to say, illegal substances are prohibited. Other prohibited items include:

  • Weapons of any kind
  • Tiki torches
  • Golf clubs
  • Hammers

What About Kids?

Kids under 3 get in free and children from 3-12 pay half price for their wristband. As long as they wear their wristband, they can go anywhere their parent goes.

Photo credits: Electric Forest

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