Floriade Horticultural Expo in the Netherlands

June 13, 2012 by

Spring is in full swing, and there’s no better place to stop and smell the flowers this year than in the Netherlands. Floriade, a once-every-decade horticultural show, is currently open in the southeastern town of Venlo.

With 1.8 million bulbs, 190,000 perennial flowering plants, 18,000 shrubs, 15,000 hedge plants and 3,000 trees, Floriade is a horticultural heaven. And it’s not just Dutch dirt on display here. Floriade is an international affair, with 40 countries represented with their own garden pavilions. Drop in to Spain, China, Turkey, or Indonesia to view native foliage and discover the ways plants contribute to their economy.

The expo is also comprised of five worlds, each focusing on a different aspect of nature. Visitors have the chance to relax in the Nepalese “Garden of Enlightenment,” explore a tropical greenhouse with flora and fauna from Thailand, Kenya and Mexico, or experience life as a bee with an exhibit dedicated to the importance of pollination. An open-air cinema and live music add to the festivities and draw visitors once the sun goes down.

Guests looking for some take-away knowledge can join a flower arranging class or get tips for designing their at-home gardens from experts.

With 108 acres of ground to cover, Floriade can seem overwhelming even for the fittest of visitors. Which is why organizers built a cable car that zips from one end of the space to the other in mere minutes.

An added bonus: taking the cable car also gives you a stunning overhead view, and overview, of all the expo has to offer. Plus, from up here you can appreciate the clever landscaping of circles, curves, and other patterns that are less obvious when seen from the ground.

Can’t schedule a trip before spring is out? You don’t have to—Floriade runs until October 7th.

photo credit: marfis75, flickr

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