Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

July 4, 2012 by

Each winter, the city of Harbin in China becomes an ice paradise during the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, which starts on January 5th and lasts up to one month (depending on the weather). With temperatures dropping down to -22°F during the coldest days in winter, it’s fitting that this northern city would be home to such an exhibition.

The festival is a celebration of winter, featuring ice carvings, ice lanterns, snow statues and fireworks displays. Artists work with frozen pieces of the Songhua River to carve their creations. At night, many of the ice sculptures are lit in bright colors, making the entire display dazzle.

Aside from the obviously cool ice and snow sculptures, there are other activities during the festival that draw locals and tourists to the weekend event. Ice skating, winter swimming in the Songhua River, and skiing are all popular events. Harbin also hosts a number of events throughout the festival, including the annual Ice Lantern Gala.

Visitors to Harbin during January should not miss this incredible festival. Most of the sculptures can be found at Sun Island scenic area or nightly at the Ice and Snow World exhibition.

Just be sure to pack an extra pair of gloves and a scarf, you’ll need them for those frigid Harbin nights.

Photo source: TaQpets

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    I didn’t realize that China got that cold in the winter, with ice and snow enough to hold a month-long festival! Interesting!

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