McCall Winter Carnival

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Carnival Mardi Gras Parade

The theme for the 2013 McCall Winter Carnival is Winter Magic. This is the 48th year for the carnival, and organizers have lined up a wide variety of venues to create that magic with many events designed to entertain the entire family.

The festivities start  January 25 and go through February 3.

Snow sculptures are a favorite

Snow sculptures are a favorite.

Traditional McCall Winter Carnival Events

Those who attend the McCall Winter Carnival have come to expect some of the traditional events, including fireworks, the Mardi Gras Parade, and a new favorite—the snow sculptures which was started in 2012.

These sculptures have quickly grown to be a signature element of the McCall Winter Carnival scene, and the town is already buzzing about what sculptors will dream up for the upcoming 2013 snow carnival.

Idaho State Snow Sculpting Championships will be held for artists from all over. The location for this event will be downtown. For those who would like to enter, an entry form is available online.

Other events you may want to participate in include things like snow bike races, or taking the polar plunge. Organization of Main Stage events is underway as carnival organizers are pulling together a fantastic lineup of bands. Check their website for updates.

Winter Carnival Polar Plunge

Winter Carnival Polar Plunge

Things to Make You Laugh

The Winter Carnival in McCall also offers plenty to make you laugh. They have comedians lined up for a comedy show scheduled to start January 25. Aside from that, there is a multifaceted traditional contest that gets the crowd involved.

The McCall Winter Carnival Hairy Beard, Sexy and Hairy Leg contest is only $4.00 to enter and the money benefits the local Chamber of Commerce. The outcome might just surprise you, and the prize money is sure to put a smile on the winners’ faces.

Snowbike races

Snowbike races

After the Carnival Closes

Following the closing fireworks, if you’re not quite ready for the fun to end, try your hand at poker, blackjack, craps or enjoy a great meal and cocktails at the Northfork Lodge. It’s right there!

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    This sounds like a lot of fun! Where is McCall? I presume it’s in Idaho somewhere?

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