Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition Available Several Locations

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Titanic the Experience

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition offers an educational and emotional connection with history appropriate for all ages.

This unique event takes visitors on a journey through the life of the great ship including the stories of heroism and humanity connected with the tragedy of the ill-fated ship. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to travel back in history to experience both the wonder and misfortune this short-lived ship endured.

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Artifact Exhibitions

Hundreds of thousands of people have already strolled through the full-scale recreations of historic Titanic rooms including the Grand Staircase, first class parlor suite, boilers, and Promenade Deck where visitors can actually feel the cold chill of the Atlantic air as they gaze at the stars.

The exhibit also showcases an extensive Underwater Room, displaying an 8-foot replica of Titanic as it appears today on the bottom of the Atlantic along with artifacts and historical treasures pulled from the Titanic.


Trained actors dressed in period costume play the roles of Titanic notables including Captain Smith and Molly Brown. These actors share stories of passengers and crew during a 1-hour guided tour.

First Class

Story of the Artifacts

Along with the storytellers, artifacts recovered from 2 ½ miles below the ocean’s surface tell the story of the ship’s short journey. Walk the deck, peek into cabins and learn the stories the ship has to tell.

Current Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition Locations 

The Titanic was a massive luxury liner and is often described as a floating palace. This event is an outstanding opportunity to relive the story of that ship which set out on a calm April night in 1912. The artifact displays offer haunting, emotional connections to the past as the stories of the Titanic crew and passenger come to life.

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  1. Penny W. says:

    This sounds pretty cool! If it were coming to a city near me I would probably go see it. The story of this ship has been so compelling for a century!

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