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Knight Joust

The King Richard’s Faire celebrates its 31 season this year starting September 1 and runs through October 8, in Carver, Massachusetts. It’s a perfect getaway to create enchanted memories with activities for the entire family.

What You Can Expect to See at King Richard’s Faire

King Richard’s Faire is situated on 80 acres where you can expect to see acrobats, aerialists, jugglers, minstrels, fire eaters, exotic tigers and more on 8 different stages. Other entertainment includes period skill games, knights on horseback engaged in battle, and bawdy beggars wrestling in the mud.

Crafts at King Richard's Faire

Gaming Glen

Visitors can try their hand at games of skill and strength including:

  • Axe throw
  • Captain’s Cannons
  • Dastardly Darts
  • Dragon Joust
  • Jacob’s Ladder
  • Knife Throw
  • Knight Errant
  • The Archer’s Field
  • More

Less risky ventures are available for those seeking more gentle pleasures. Plus there are rides and games for the younger princes and princesses in the Gaming Glen. This year they are introducing the new hand-powered Wonder Wheel, along with the Catapult Game and Hurlinator Ride.

Shopping and Food

No faire is complete without good food and peddlers hawking their wares. You’ll find plenty of both at King Richard’s Faire. Scrumptious epicurean delights include spit-roasted turkey legs, chowder, stew, fryes, ringlets, and for adults, beverage choices include wine, champagne, and honey mead. You can check their website to see the whole menu selection.

A wide range of artisans set up shop to offer plenty of things to buy, but many are also entertaining to watch, such as glass blowing, sword making, portrait painting, and more!

Don’t Miss the Faire’s Royal Zoo

Along with all the other activities, King Richard’s Faire offers a unique treat with exotic animals on display at their Royal Zoo including big cats like Snow Leopards, White Siberian Tigers, Jaguars, Golden Tigers, and Ligers (offspring of a male lion and a female tiger).

King Richard's Faire Zoo


If you’re planning a trip that includes the Faire, tickets can be purchased in advance or at the gate, but only cash is accepted at the gate, so be prepared. Buying ahead online eliminates waiting in line, too. Adults get in for $27.00, kids from 4-11 are $15.00 and under age 4 are free.

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