3 Popular Madrid Day Trips

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Santa Maria la Blanca the oldest synagogue in Toledo Spain.

While visiting Madrid, you’ll want to take time to soak up the culture. There’s much to do and see, but it is also a great place to kick back and relax.

Madrid is an upbeat city filled with history, culture, and a spontaneous vitality with cafés offering cultural cuisine and vintage boutiques. It’s ideally located for those interested in day trips offering both old and new.

Salamanca Market

Salamanca Market

3 Popular Madrid Day Trips

  • Salamanca:  For those interested in cultural history, Salamanca is known as Spain’s “golden city.” It offers a rich architectural destination featuring everything from historic religious buildings celebrating Renaissance and Gothic styles, and is an ideal day trip ripe with restaurants serving up a wide assortment of local foods. The Central Market is filled with vendors providing a shopping holiday you’ll never forget and a true cultural experience.
  • Toledo: Toledo’s historic district offers the diverse history of the city’s medieval Spanish era. Among the many religious synagogues, mosques and churches, visitors can visit the oldest synagogue in Spain, Santa Maria la Blanca.
  • Segovia: Segovia is another day trip offering a truly old-city experience with twisting alleyways and pedestrian-only streets bordered by a medieval wall and two rivers. While in Segovia, another must see, is The Alcazar, an ancient fortress constructed in 1085. This is the site where Queen Isabel agreed to give Christopher Columbus the funds needed to explore the New World.

Segovia Spain

Segovia Spain

Wine Routes Another Option

Along with visiting  nearby cities, while visiting Madrid consider taking advantage of the Wine Routes that take visitors into the heart of some of Spain’s oldest wine-growing regions. It’s an interesting and tasty way to learn about how wine is made and learn about how to match foods with wine.

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