4 Things You’ll Want to Know Before Booking in the Off Season

July 9, 2015 by

Florida Rental

You can save a lot of money by booking a vacation rental in Florida during the shoulder or off season, but before you do there are a few things you may want ask your agent about to avoid any annoying surprises.

Is Any Maintenance Scheduled?

People who rent in Florida pay premium prices during the peak season, so regular maintenance is scheduled during the off season and sometimes the shoulder season.

For instance, if the pool needs to be drained for repairs, it won’t happen during peak season. And when it is scheduled and you don’t know about it, it can be disappointing to the entire family.

Ask your agent if any maintenance is scheduled. Whether it is painting the exterior, resurfacing the parking area, or a new sprinkler system being installed, having workers showing up early in the morning is more than intrusiveā€¦it can spoil your vacation.

Love Bugs

Love bugs don’t bite or sting but are a nuisance.

Seasonal Bugs

Because of Florida’s climate, visitors can expect to see some bugs year round, but love bugs fill the air twice a year. These bugs don’t bite or sting, but when you’re trying to eat on the outdoor patio and these bugs are crawling all over your food it is enough to lose your appetite.

Plus, due to their sheer numbers they splatter your windshield like rain, but their dried remains are hard to remove. They make their appearance in May and September and usually last about two weeks.

Pool Repair

Don’t be taken by surprise by pool repairs.

Condition of the Beach

Some rentals which are on the water have experienced beach erosion. If walking the beach is part of your vacation plan, be sure to ask about the beach and whether or not it can be walked and for how far.

Above all, be sure beach nourishment isn’t going on during your stay. It’s a noisy disruption that can go on day and night including the roar of large equipment on the beach and the “beep-beep-beep” every time they back up.

Are Restaurants Open

Most restaurants stay open during the shoulder season, but often they close in the off season for renovations and it’s their chance to have some time off.

Shoulder seasons different slightly from one area in Florida to another but it often starts a week or two following Easter. If there is something you’re planning to do on your vacation, from water sports to attractions, ask specific questions regarding what is available during the off season and shoulder season before you book.

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