Adventure of the Faroe Islands

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Faroe Islndes

The Faroe Islands archipelago is made up of 18 islands located northwest of Scotland, about halfway between Iceland and Norway.

This self-governing region of the Kingdom of Denmark features breathtaking landscapes including both mountains and beaches. It’s an ideal getaway for nature lovers who love clean air, and the sounds of the sea flowing across the rocks in the middle of nowhere. 

Faore Islands architecture

Unique architectural heritage right down to the grass roofs.

Land for the Adventurous

National Geographic Traveler visited small and medium-sized islands among the Faroe Islands along with a panel of experts.

When talking about the island of Koltur, they said, “It has a unique architectural heritage, right down to the grass roofs, quite rightly preserved and cherished. Tourists are adventurous and well informed.”

Here visitors have the opportunity not only to tour the island but to experience a “living museum” of farming and enjoy the chance to try traditional local foods. 

Enjoying the Faores by Sea

When weather permits, visitors can enjoy the thrill of sailing aboard the restored schooner, Norðlýsið, which sails from Tórshavn or the restored sailing ship, Dragin, which sets out from Klaksvík for a special Faroese experience.

When winds are favorable, the ships visit one of the several scenic grottoes. If the wind is not cooperating, passengers can board a small motor boat to witness the masterful stonework of these naturally-hewn cathedrals.

Faroe Islands Birds

Visit Vestmanna Birdcliffs

Sailing trips are also a favorite way to witness the stunning birdcliffs at Vestmanna, a village nestled along the northwest coast of the main island.

Boat tours carry passengers through narrow sounds into the grottoes to cliffs climbing 1500 feet above the water. Here thousands of seabirds nest during the long days of summer.

Experts have identified almost 300 species of birds in the Faroes Islands. This is a very popular guided tour that takes about 2 hours and should be booked in advance to guarantee your spot on a boat. 

Plan to dress warm, wear sunglasses, and don’t forget your binoculars. That way you’ll be prepared for clouds, sun, and a chance to see soaring sea birds, and perhaps a whale or sea lion! 

Photo credits: Finnur, Finnur, Ulrich Latzenhofer

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