Adventurous Canadian Mountain Holidays

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Canada Adventure

Canadian mountain holidays are a popular choice for adventure vacations. The mountainous landscape features unspoiled spaces to experience the great outdoors and wildlife.

Whether you want to try your hand at rock climbing, hiking through the wilderness, or ski the backcountry, Canada’s Rockies have it all.

Rock climbing

Canadian Rock Climbing Holidays

If you’re looking for adventure, try your hand at rock climbing in Canada’s Rocky Mountains. You won’t believe the adrenaline rush as you climb rock faces and experience stunning vistas few people witness in their lifetime.

Guided rock climbing trips offer state of the art equipment and an experienced guide to help you stay safe and have fun. Even if you’ve never climbed, you can find an adventure right for you!

Hiking the Canadian Rockies

Hike the Canadian Rockies.

Hiking Canadian Rockies

Hikers planning a Canadian mountain holiday will find unlimited activities and adventures to choose from. Hiking the Canadian Rockies offers breathtaking scenery, mountain culture, as well as natural history.

However, if you’re planning a vacation, it is best to make arrangements with a guide to avoid getting lost on the wrong trails. For starters, check out the trails at Banniff, Jasper, Canmore, or Waterton.

Packages are available that include entrance fees to National Parks, along with hiking excursions, bike tours, and wildlife viewing. Some also include meals and lodging; so it is worth doing a little research to find a tour that offers everything you’re looking for.

Heli skiing

Heli skiing carries skiers to remote Canadian backcountry.

Ski the Backcountry

The Canadian Rockies offer a wide range of ski resorts, but for the adventurous, many people are turning to helicopter or heli skiing. The helicopter takes you to remote locations where the powder is just waiting to be skied.

Vacation packages are available for 3-10 days, and can accommodate small groups, family heli skiing packages, or pay as you go style trips. Companies offering helicopter skiing can help you choose the mountain and terrain that best meets your skill sets.

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  1. Julie C. says:

    Trust me, you don’t need to go heli-skiing if you want a challenge. “Regular” mountain skiing in British Columbia and Alberta are fantastic ski experiences without the “extreme” price tag. You often need to stop for lunch halfway down the mountain!

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