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American Bald Eagle Vanishing Texas River Cruise

June 18, 2015 by

Eagle on Texas River Cruise

Vanishing Texas River Cruises take bird watching to whole new levels. Birders will love Lake Buchanan in the Texas Hill Country. Here 600 of the 900 bird species found in the United States can be spotted.

One couple boasted seeing 27 species in just one outing and saw 40 during their weekend stay.

Among the birds spotted on the Vanishing Texas River Cruise, the American Bald Eagles are one of the favorites. These majestic birds migrate to the Texas Colorado River Canyon and Lake Buchanan during the winter months.

Texas River Cruise

Freedom Flights – Last Chance Forever Cruise

Each season offers a unique birding experience but winter is the best time to see the American Bald Eagles.

For a special treat, ask about a Last Chance Forever cruise where the Bird of Prey Conservancy releases a once injured bird of prey back into the wild. During these cruises, the rescuers tell the story behind the bird’s rescue, rehabilitation and its journey from captivity to freedom.

There’s nothing like seeing the bonds removed and watching the bird fly free back into the wild. Birds released include hawks, owls, and sometimes even a Bald Eagle. Seats fill quickly on these cruises so be sure to call ahead (1-800-474-8374).

Texas River Cruise

Scenic Cruises

Along with the hundreds of species of birds in the area, nature lovers will find the stunning scenery on one of the Scenic Cruises or Lake Cruises unforgettable.

These cruises afford the opportunity for a possible sighting of magnificent Bald Eagles as they soar through a crisp blue sky. Even if the day is rainy, guests can enjoy spectacular views of these birds in their treetop perches, from the comfort of the enclosed heated cabin.

Birds Sighted

Along with Bald Eagles, other birds you may see on this excursion include: scissor-tailed flychatcher, owls, crows, hawks, great blue herons, mallards and other ducks, gulls, roadrunners, painted buntings, robins, wild turkeys, and more.

Boxed Lunch Available

Those who take a two-hour tour have the option of a “Captain’s Box Lunch” which is paid for when the reservation is made.

Four-hour tours include the ultimate Captain’s Box Lunch which includes chicken gumbo, ham and cheese on a croissant, chips, granola bar, fruit salad, and ice tea and water.

No mater which cruise you decide on, the scenery and wildlife won’t disappoint.

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