Ancient Chinese Tomb Turns Out to Be a Fake

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Yangzhou ChinaThe recent discovery of a famous Chinese emperor’s tomb in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province at a construction site has stirred up a tourist attraction hornet’s nest.

Not because it’s interrupting the construction project, but because the tomb belonged to Yang Guang, who had the reputation of being one of the worst tyrants in Chinese history.

Who he was isn’t the major issue. The real problem is that for the past 12 years, tourists have visited another tomb that was thought to belong to Yang Guang.

Yangzhou China

The tomb was discovered in Yangzhou, China.

Emperor Yang Guang Tomb Discovered in Yangzhou China 

Archeologists hurried to the site and have confirmed the new find is the authentic tomb which means the tourist attraction that’s been open to the public for 12 years is a fake!

China Daily reported that according the director of Yangzhou’s archaeological bureau, the inscription on a tablet found in the newly discovered tomb proves the tome is Yang’s.

The director said, “Yang’s tomb wasn’t even as luxurious as rich people’s tombs in the Sui Dynasty, due to his sudden death when he fled revolts to Jia Jiangdu, which is Yangzhou today.” The tomb is only 4.98 meter long which is a little over 16 feet, and 5.88 meters long from east to west, which equates to just over 19 feet.

According Director Shu, grave robbers had visited the tomb and the roof was in poor condition because of the residential building that had occurred above it.

Even though the tomb had already been robbed, a few valuable items remained including lion-shaped door knockers made of gold and iron, and a jade belt also decorated with gold. However, no remains or coffin parts were found in the tomb. Archaeologist have also discovered a second tomb nearby which they think may have belonged to Yang’s queen.

How does the fake tomb compare to the original? The fake is much larger and houses magnificent memorial arches, tomb doors, and walls. Repercussions of the new discovery will be felt beyond the academic world; tourists who have visited what they thought was Yang’s tomb have been duped for 12 years!

Needless to say, they won’t be making that visit in the future.

Photo credits: caitriana, The Pocket

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