Arkansas a Stunning Less Crowded Destination

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Devil's Den Bridge

Devil’s Den Bridge

If you’re looking for a less congested destination, Arkansas makes a good choice with only 25.8 million visitors per year. To put that into perspective, New York City welcomed 54.3 million in 2013.

Hot Springs National Park

Hot Springs National Park

Fall Festivals and Events

The “Natural State” is a great place for taking in stunning fall foliage (beginning Sept. 24) and features a varied terrain with mountains and valleys creating the perfect backdrop for a scenic drive.

Plus Arkansas’ fall weather is ideal for outdoor activities, making it the perfect choice for taking in fall festivals and events situated throughout the state.

For instance, the Woodpecker Walk held at Cane Creek State Park in Star City, Arkansas is a great opportunity to spend time outdoors and enjoy wildlife, too. Admission is free and the walk starts at 1:00 in the afternoon and runs for 45 minutes. For more information email [email protected].

Families might want to check out the celebration of Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day on Oct. 3, too. It’s a fun ride, a chance to refine skills, and provides plain old good fun. Just bring your own bikes and helmets.

White water rapids Buffalo River

White water rapids Buffalo River

Other Places to Visit

Aside from fall festivities, history lovers will enjoy visiting Arkansas just for the history. Check out Civil War reenactments at Historic Helena on the Mississippi Delta which is a site once occupied by Union soldiers. Here you’ll learn about the 1863 battle that took place there and how it was also a safe haven for runaway slaves.

Other places to add to your itinerary include Hot Springs National Park and home to Bathhouse Row where you can enjoy aromatherapy in a natural hot spring. And just so you know what to expect, these springs are grouped about the base of the Hot Springs Mountain, with a flow of more than a half million gallons a day.

For a more active option, try white water rafting (or kayaking or canoeing) on the Buffalo River as it carries your raft through limestone bluffs, and caverns at Devil’s Den and Blanchard Springs.

Arkansas has much to offer and is less crowded. If you enjoy the great outdoors, this is one place to add to your bucket list, and before you make your plans be sure to check with Arkanas Tourism to see what vacation deals they are currently offering.

Photo credits: wikipedia, Ken Lund,  supercanadiandude

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