Aruba Ariba

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Close to home. Consistent 80 degree temperature. Away from the hurricane belt. Calm and relaxing with options for adventure. Less crowded. Friendly. Beautiful.

These are all reasons why Aruba should be on your beach vacations list. It has so much to offer.

The beaches are pristine with white sand contrasted by auroral teal waters. The water temperature remains a comfortable 85-90 degree year round. And since the hotel strip dots the Arashi bay, there are limited waves. Perfect for an afternoon nap on your raft.

Visit the capital, Oranjestad, for shopping, casinos, restaurants, bars and clubs. This is also where the cruise ships dock and many of the scuba tours take off.

If you like a little bit more adventure, endless excursions await you. Visit the natural pool, a great place to snorkel and swim in a safe spot on the north eastern side of Aruba, known for it’s rough waves.

It’s quite a trek ┬áto get there, but it’s well worth it. Try getting there by horseback, 4 wheeler, or off-road jeep. After you’ve spotted all the water life in the natural pool, continue down the barren coast to the natural bridge, now broken in half from the constant pounding of the Atlantic Ocean. Stop here for a fresh banana-mango smoothie.

Finally, hoof your way up to the top of Mt. Hooiberg for 360 degree views of the island. Look for the wild goats on top guarding their island.

And last, but not least, make your way back to the beach, order yourself an “Aruba Ariba” drink, hop on your raft, and float into bliss.

Image Source: Nestor’s Blurrylife

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    While I’m not personally a fan of the casinos and cruise ship crowd mentality, I think Aruba is a lovely island and the perfect temperature for someone like me who doesn’t like it scorching hot.

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