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Bamberg, Germany is famous for it’s beers. In fact, in Germany, some will say the best beers come from this Bayrisch city.

Located on the Regnitz River in northern Bavaria, Bamberg is home to nine breweries, each known for their own special brew and each offering a unique setting and experience.

Many tour companies exist to shuttle you around the city, either by foot or by bike, but the city is easy to navigate and brewery tour maps are available at the tourist information center for just 2€.

Our recommendation: skip the expensive tours and lead your own adventure by bike!

Park on the outskirts of town, hop on your bike (you can also rent these in town if needed), and make your way toward the “Zentrum,” or the town center. Here you’ll find the info center where you can pick up your own map.

The map includes brief descriptions of each brewery to help you plan your route. Most of the breweries are right in town, so you won’t have to go far.

Don’t miss Klosterbräu, the oldest brewery in town with recipes dating back to the 1300’s. Also, be sure to try a Rauchbier, Bamberg’s claim to beer fame. It’s a one of kind, smoked beer, that’s been described as “liquid bacon.”

Plan to spend 2 days to allow for a casual tour, stopping at any of the many attractions you’ll find along the way.

Photo Source: Bernt Rostad

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