Bangkok Thailand Named Top Destination City 2013

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Bangkok has been named the top destination city for international travelers for 2013 in the Global Destination Cities Index released in May. London ranked a close second with only a slim margin of only 25,000 visitors separating the two.

Bangkok is the first Asian city to reach the top spot on the Index since it started in 2010. Along with Bangkok, Istanbul and Dubai showed the strongest growth in international visitors.

Bangkok market

Bangkok market

Bangkok Weather

Bangkok experiences a monsoon season which arrives sometime around May and goes all the way to November. If you plan to visit during this time of year, be sure to pack an umbrella.

It is definitely hot and humid a good part of the year, but the periods between April/May, and September/October are the steamiest. For travelers looking for a warm destination, this meets the bill, but what else is drawing so many people to Bangkok to make it number 1?


Why People Like Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand offers a wide selection of things to do and see. Attractions like the temples fascinate some, while others prefer shopping and the vibrant nightlife.

Visitors often enjoy bargaining in the markets, and it is ideally located for day trips to Pattava, Phuket, or Chinagmai. However, many visitors prefer to escape the city itself to search out smaller, less traveled places like beaches, islands, and nearby villages.

Overall, those who enjoy their time in Bangkok like to experience the food, culture and different way of life. While it’s not for everyone, it seems to be growing in popularity, however be aware it is a touristy place to visit.

The MasterCard Index of Global Destination Cities ranks cities based on the total number of international visitor arrivals along with how much money these visitors spend in each of 132 destination cities. Along with Bangkok, London, Paris, Singapore and New York round out the top five for 2013.

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    I have a friend who used to lived there, and she loved it. I am hoping to go sometime with her and get a more native view of this gorgeous place!

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