Become One with Nature at Travertine Hot Springs

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Travertine Hot Springs

Travertine Hot Springs, in Bridgeport, California offers an opportunity to soak in the rejuvenating waters of natural hot springs and take in an incredible view of the Eastern Sierras in the distance.

Located just a short drive off the main highway, it’s a great way to become one with nature. Travertine pools bathers enjoy a soothing, muddy sediment perfect for relaxing after a long day of hiking.

The Travertine Hot Springs offers several pools and draws a wide range of people including rangers, campers, families, couples and single travelers, too. However, visitors should be aware it is also still a popular hangout for locals and hippies who enjoy bathing in the buff.

Waters of Travertine Hot Springs

One pool is located near the parking lot, and then several pools can be found just a short hike down the trail.

The Travertine Hot Springs are rich with calcium carbonate and have no smelly sulfur odor common to many hot springs. The calcium carbonate in the warm spring water leaves the skin feeling clean and it also creates a stunning landscape of smooth rock sculptures around the pools.

Travertine Hot Springs


The springs are situated on California State Park land and camping is permitted along the short dirt road leading to the springs. However, camping space is limited.

To get there, just follow route 395 south of Bridgeport about a half a mile. You’ll turn left at Jack Sawyer Road (just before the Ranger Station). Follow this road for about a mile and you’ll be there. Camping is not allowed in the immediate area of the pools.

Because of Travertine Spring’s remote location, it is almost never crowded. And while the location is remote, the U.S.F.S. has installed a bathroom for the convenience of those visiting the springs. People who tend to hang out at the springs are mostly locals, making it an ideal place to learn about the area and maybe even pick up tips to help you find other great hot springs locations.

Photo credits: Don DeBold, Kass Kozloski

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