Belum Rainforest Resort

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Belum Rainforest Resort

Belum Rainforest Resort

If you’re looking for an ecotourism getaway, the Belum Rainforest Resort has a lot to offer. The stunning landscape surrounds visitors with panoramic serenity and a unique opportunity to get close to nature with the Belum-Temengor Rainforest right at the door.

Bellum Rainforest Resort

A whole new world of wildlife to explore

Take Advantage of Rainforest Guides

Staying at the Belum Rainforest Resort opens a window into nature. Nature lovers will revel in the discovery of the variety of unique and colorful exotic birds.

If you’re lucky, you’ll see the Great Hornbill, a species found only in Belum. Another bird to watch for is the endangered Plain-pouched Hornbill which is only found in Malaysia.

Other creatures of interest include diverse kinds of insects including a beautiful assortment of butterflies. You’ll discover a whole new world as you watch these bugs thrive in their natural habitat.

Experienced guides are available to help you get the most of your walks through the rainforest. You can choose from a number of packages to find the ideal way to explore the rainforest for you.

Along with the rainforest, tours also explore the local Herbal Garden on the resort grounds. You also have the option of following the Banding Forest Trail for an educational experience that brings Belum nature up close.

Activities and Adventure

If you’re ready to be a little more adventuresome, you can take to the water in a kayak or canoe. And for those who want a little more thrill, hire a raft for an exciting ride.

If you enjoy fishing, there are designated fishing spots where you can stop and fish as your walk the trail or drop anchor and fish from the water. For those in the mood for a tranquil experience of oneness with nature, this is a perfect destination.

Bellum Rainforest Resort Room


The tranquil environment carries over to the rooms available at the Belum Rainforest Resort. The nature-inspired décor of the rooms complement the rainforest environment. They are the perfect place to help you unwind in comfort.

Rooms are air conditions and are equipped with a king-sized or twin beds. The staff is helpful and there to help accommodate your needs. A visit to Belum Rainforest Resort is one you’ll never forget.

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