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Blow Off Some Steam at Toronto’s Rage Room

September 3, 2015 by

Rage Room

The Battle Sports’ Rage Room in Toronto is a whole new sports attraction located in a Toronto sports bar. For just $20, angry participants can unleash all their pent up anger by smashing things like mirrors, plates, glasses, vases, chairs, and other specialty (mystery items)

Rage Room

What Gets Smashed?

Participants (known as smashers) who visit the Rage Room are equipped with protective gear including a paintball mask and gardening cloves, are handed a bat and cheered on to go wild for 30 minutes in a room full of breakables.

These breakables are chosen from the Rage Room Smash Menu. The first five plates are free, but additional plates are $2 each. Other items include mirrors ($2), wine glasses ($3), vase ($5), and a sturdy wooden chair $20. Mystery specialty items (like alarm clocks and garden gnomes) vary in price.

Rage Room

Inspiration for the Rage Room

The idea for the Rage Room, came from a similar service in Serbia. One of the room’s founders, Timothy Cheung, told the Guardian “Toronto is such a high-strung city. We thought it could stand to let off a little steam.”

And it works. The smashing is actually considered to be a somewhat therapeutic exercise that relieves tension. To make the most of the experience, Chung says he encourages his customers to collect their thoughts and to make the most of their smashing experience by “projecting their hatred and rage onto the breakable objects.”


Smashers are forbidden from bringing their own items for safety reasons and are required to sign a liability waver. Other restrictions include no open-toed shoes and limits the age of smashers to 18 and older.

The Battle Sports’ Rage Room can be booked online, but they do reserve the right to refuse admission to individuals who they deem to be unfit for the activities.

Getting to the Battle Sports facility takes two hours by subway and bus.

Photo credits: Battle Sports Inc.

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