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Cherry Blooming Spring

May 15, 2014 by

Cherry Blossom Festival, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Watch the city transform before your eyes at the Cherry Blossom Festival in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Brooklyn, New York. Each year, for 4 weeks in the springtime, the largest collection of cherry blossom trees outside of Japan springs to life. Specks of green buds quickly explode into globs of white and pink flowers.

Stroll along the Cherry Walk to view the largest population of trees in the park. The season varies each year, with buds opening from late March to mid-April. Visit Cherry Watch on the Brooklyn Botanical Garden site to determine the best time to visit each year. Attend the Sakura Matsuri, a week long festival celebrating Japanese culture with traditional, song and dance, and delicious foods and is complete with Japanese sword fighting.

Photo Source: Flickr/tylerkeraszewski

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