Customize Your Galápagos Islands Vacation

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Customize your Galápagos Islands vacation to fit not only your budget but also your desires and passions. Whether you’re looking for adventure, a cultural experience that involves the locals, or an “eco-tourism” experience, the Galápagos Islands have it all.

It’s a popular destination for cruises and tours, but if you’re the type who likes to break away from the crowd, consider working with a company willing to customize your itinerary.

Galápagos Alternative the Local Choice

If you want to experience the local flavors and sights of the Galápagos Islands without the tourism hype, Galápagos Alternative offers a true local experience.

The company is owned and run by a local couple willing to work with you to build an itinerary based on what interests you. This includes eating at local restaurants, staying over at locally-owned places, and even paying local prices.

It’s a Galápagos experience that bridges the gap between locals and tourists.

Giant Tortoise

Witness giant tortoises.

Custom Land Private Tours

If you are ready to spend more time with nature, viewing wildlife, and taking in the sites offered by the Galápagos Islands, a land-based private tour offers that and more. For instance, Come to Galápagos offers personal tours with room for flexibility. Schedules are organized around the times and weather, and take into consideration how tired you are.

If you have an opportunity to swim with the dolphins, it doesn’t have to end because it’s time to go. If you want to fish with the locals, visit local farms, witness giant tortoises, and see dolphins swim in their natural habitat, a land-based private tour offers all this and more.

Adventure Tours

If you want to do more than sightseeing, and love the thrill of trying new things, an adventure tour such as those offered by ROW’s Galápagos Islands‘ Galápagos Unbound provides water adventures like kayaking and snorkeling, as well as land-based adventures like hiking, eating locally, and even sleeping on the beach a couple of nights.

Opportunities for wildlife viewing are amazing as you walk, paddle, and snorkel through Galápagos paradise.

Seal with camping gear

To maximize your visit, it pays to do some research and work with companies that let you customize your Galápagos Islands vacation. The unique and up-close experience will be one you never forget.

Photo credits: Come to Galapagos, Destination 360

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