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Denver Chalk Art

August 19, 2013 by


Every summer, Denver sidewalks brighten up in the Larimer District. They’re covered with over 175 pounds of chalk. The Denver Chalk Art Festival has drawn to the streets.

This free 2 day festival attracts over 200 artists who spend their days building masterpieces right before your eyes.

Chalk art has it’s roots in 16th century Italy. The chalk artists were known for their free lifestyles traveling on coins made donated by passer-by’s.

The artists include students, amateurs, and professionals, all transforming asphalt into mesmerizing canvases. Their pieces include 3D optical illusions that make you feel like your flying through space or traveling down into the subway.

This is performance art, and often the artists invite your comments and conversation with them as their sticks of chalk dance on the cement.

Once you get your fill of art, fill your belly with Colorado street foods and your ears with the live entertainment.

Visit Larimer Arts for more information and check it out next summer.

Photo Source: Flickr/messycupcakes

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    This would be a fun event to attend if you were in town. Also great if you have young kids who like to draw with chalk too! Free is always good!

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