Don’t Miss: Old Town Quito, Ecuador

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This historic district was the first city named UNESCO World Heritage Site and is noted for its narrow streets, Spanish colonial architecture and historic attractions.Old-town Quito recounts the history of Quito in its colonial feel and charm.
The oldest and the best preserved South America capital it was settled in the first millennium severed as capital for the Shyris culture in the 12th century, the Quitus culture in the 15th century, and Inca Kingdom in the 16th century.
After the death of Atahualpa the Inca warriors continued to fight the Spanish. Inca General Rumi?ahui with help of the Canari continued the struggle against the Spanish. After being defeated near Cotopaxi and fleeing north, Ruminahui it would not be long before the Spanish would conquer Quito. Rather than surrender the Inca capital, he set it on fire destroying their city. Quito was re-founded by the Spanish on December 6, 1534 a date that is still celebrated with bullfights, dances and parades.

Explore the city with her old crowded street, Plaza and wonderful churches. This charming old city
is one of the best preserved colonial cities in America. If you like culture, legends, and architecture it’s a must!

Extra information available on Wikitravel site.

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