Eleuthera Island a Visit to the Real Bahamas

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Eleuthera Island is part of the outer Bahamas or as some call them, the “real Bahamas.”

The 110-mile long Eleuthera Island is considered one of the best kept secrets of the Bahamas and offers a destination rich with historical landmarks, natural attractions, pristine, romantic beaches, and people who are friendly. This long and narrow island paradise includes Harbor Island and lies 217 miles east of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Eleuthera Pink Sand Beach

Eleuthera’s world famous pink sand beach.

Things to Do on Eleuthera Island

It’s an ideal vacation destination for diving, kayaking, surfing and features a number of unique luxurious resorts for those who like to play hard and get pampered.

You could spend weeks on this long, slender island and still not explore all the natural beauty it offers with its tranquil Caribbean Sea shore known as the Exuma Sound and the pulsating Atlantic Ocean shore on the opposite side which features the world-famous “Surfer’s Beach.”

Surfers Beach is a hot Eleuthera destination for those who want to hang ten. Guests can rent a board and newbies can take lessons if they want to give it a try. Another favorite pastime involves cliff jumping. Just ascend the cliffs and jump into the stunning azure waters below!

For those who want a little less adrenaline rush, you can try snorkeling or choose to soak in the natural tide pools warmed by the sun. This is an ideal way to enjoy the end of the day and to watch the sun set. 


Enjoying island time.

Pink Sand Beach

Harbor Island is known for its three-mile-long pink sand beach which has been rated one of the world’s top beaches. In fact, ForbesTraveler listed it as one of the “25 Sexiest Beaches in the World.” The unusual pink color comes from red shells on the sea floor. As waves stir the surf, the red shells are ground and mixed with white sand, and it results in dusty rose colored sand.

Accommodations Offered on Eleuthera Island

Eleuthera Island offers a number of accommodations. They include secluded villas, upscale resorts, and quaint inns. No matter where you choose to stay, Eleuthera Island offers an excellent example of “out-island Bahamas” and visiting the island is an adventure to enjoy with its Old World charm and sheer beauty.

Photo credits: Randy Roe, Mike’s Bird, Randy Roe

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  1. Ruby T. says:

    Sounds like an ideal romantic getaway for a couple that doesn’t like a lot of bustling crowds but still likes a little luxury and pampering. So when do we go? :)

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