Enjoy a Kangaroo Island Holiday

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Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island

If you’ve always dreamed of visiting the Land Down Under, a holiday on Kangaroo Island in Australia is the perfect choice for nature lovers. This wilderness destination offers a nice blend of creature comforts hidden away in an exotic location.

Wilderness Retreat

For those who are ready to get away from it all, a Kangaroo Island wilderness retreat will certainly do the trick. Kangaroo Island can be found off the Southern coast of Australia and it’s just waiting to introduce you to the Australian wilderness. The Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat complex is located on 113 gorgeous acres of rustic wilderness.

At the center of the retreat, guests can experience friendly wallabies, possums, and echidnas in the bushland garden. This eco-friendly wilderness retreat, includes accommodations, dining facilities, and everything else you need for a pleasant stay without compromising the pristine surroundings.

As a guest, you can enjoy one of four different “Kangaroo Island Coastal Wilderness Walks.”

Seal pup

Seal pup on Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island Wildlife

For visitors who don’t want to miss seeing the unique Kangaroo Island wildlife, guided tours are probably the best option. With more than 250 species of birds, 600 plus Australian Sea Lions and New Zealand Fur Seals, plus kangaroos, wallabies, and everybody’s favorite, the koala, you’re sure to see something on your own.

However, tour guides know where to take you to see all these animals, and more. Depending on the time of year, you may get to see penguins nesting in their natural habitat along the craggy island shoreline. If you keep your eyes open, you may even see a platypus or echidna.

Visitors have claimed that the experience is like walking through a zoo without walls.

Beach Kangaroo Island

Beach Kangaroo Island


Kangaroo Island’s coastline offers something for everyone, from surf-pounded cliffs to serine coves. For those who love to feel the sand between their toes, stretches of pristine sand-swept beaches are perfect for long walks. The diverse Kangaroo Island coastline offers fun for surfers, anglers, divers, and wildlife lovers.

Photo credits: Navin75, KTRawlings, frhoads84

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