Exciting Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking in Bolivia

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Mountain biking La Paz

Looking for a daredevil adventure vacation?

The exciting downhill mountain bike ride outside of La Paz, Bolivia, offers a breathtaking, adrenaline pumping rush for mountain bike enthusiasts, along with trails for every skill level.

La Paz

Start from Elevation Over 15,900 Feet

The mountain bike ride outside of La Paz, Boliva, gives “mountain” biking a whole new meaning.

The ride starts off-road at an elevation of more than 15,900 feet. It follows wide, sweeping tracks that are no longer trafficked, and includes scree slopes, rocky areas, takes you over creeks, all while rushing down, down, down, to a rough dirt road at 6,230 feet. Here you’ll come to a haunted castle known as El Castillo del Loro.

Needless to say, this ride is for a rider with some experience. While the ride is challenging it is much less crowded than many touristy-type rides and perfect for riders looking for a little more adventure.

Go Even Higher on the Ghost Ride

If you’re a really experienced rider and want to go even higher, the World’s Most Dangerous Road is ready to challenge your skills.

This ride starts at the top of a Andean foothill where the vista takes in: Mount Huayna Potosi, the receding glacier of Mount Chacaltaya, and straight ahead the drop into a valley in the Yungas region.

La Paz

Meandering Off Track Trails

If you want to slow down (just a little) and enjoy the beautiful countryside, the area also offers riders meandering off-road trail options. It still features hairpin turns for this serpentine drop lower into the valley.

Mountain biking in Bolivia offers a variety of trail options. Double track lets you practice on your balance as you take those S curves, or you can freeride a slope or two.

The Ghost Ride offers something for everyone from couples to groups, and for every riding ability with some tracks remarkably mellow but fun. Your Gravity guide will help determine what you’re ready to tackle.

Photo credits: Aga Ciesielska

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