Finger Lakes Trail System Offers a Rustic Hiking Experience

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Finger Lakes Trail

The Finger Lakes Trail runs 549 miles total. It starts in New York and ends at the Pennsylvania border in Allegheny State Park. It’s the longest continuous hiking trail in New York and more than 300 hikers have completed the hike from one end to the other.

Finger Lakes Trail Map

Finger Lakes Trail Map

Finger Lakes Trail System

For those ready to hike the Finger Lakes Trail, it is broken into sections. The main trail overlaps with the 4600 mile North Country National Scenic Trail for 380 miles before it turns toward the Adirondacks. The main trail runs a total of 548.6 mile and is blazed white.

Along with the main trail, six other branch trails and more than 20 other trails make up the Finger Lakes Trail System. In all, the system offers 900 miles of hiking trails.

These other trails are blazed orange, yellow, or blue and lead to fascinating places like the east side of Letchworth Gorge and old canal locks near Nunda. History buffs will want to follow the Queen Catherine Scenic Trail which is ripe with Indian and Revolutionary War history.

Finger Lakes Trail Hikers Important to Stay on the Trail

The trails run on state and private land, so when hiking the Finger Lakes Trail it is imperative hikers stay on the trail as they cut across private lands. Unfortunately, the trail has lost sections because hikers have consistently wandered off the trail, which resulted in private land owners closing off access to the public.

Lean-tos Along the Finger Lakes Trail

This really is a rustic hike perfect for outdoors people. The trail system is maintained by families who volunteer their time, so the trail is cleared and marked to help keep hikers on the right path. There are 26 lean-tos along the trail, but no picnic tables or other such amenities.

If you love to hike a wooded terrain with plenty of challenging terrain, the Finger Lakes Trail is one to consider.

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