Hike the Italian Dolomites

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Hike the Italian Dolomites

Outdoor vacations, including hiking vacations, are growing in popularity. For those looking for a beautiful destination where they can enjoy an authentic cultural experience, the Italian Dolomites have it all.

These mountains differ from the rest of the Alps with sheer vertical walls of dolomite thrusting from the floor of green valleys and meadows. The Dolomites trails feature hiking for beginners, intermediates, and experienced hikers looking for a challenge.

Trails meander through wild alpine meadows, woods, lakes, towering heights, and offer other breathtaking landscapes.


Where to Stay When Hiking

Hikers will find the Dolomites offer a multi-faceted culture and history. Each village provides an authentic regional experience and hikers will find a nice assortment of hotels and B & Bs available in larger villages and in more rural areas agriturismos (working farms) are a common place to rest your head.

Mountain huts called rifugi are available to hikers, climbers, and skiers but are only accessible by foot. These huts are open during the summer months with a few select rifugi open in the winter.

Here hikers are offered meals and a place to sleep. These huts are more than a domed room most American’s imagine when they hear the term “hut.” Some have bunk beds, other feature private rooms. Think of them more as a small inn.

Hiking Trail

Dolomites Mountains Self-guided Hiking

Dolomites Mountains offers short or long hiking itineraries with options for guided treks or self-guided hiking routes.

The self-guided routes let hikers travel at their own pace. Arrangements are made before you arrive for accommodations, transfers, and meals. Dolomites Mountains does all the planning and makes the hiking experience a perfect way to relax and enjoy the views.

Hikes take from 6-9 days and self-guided hikes are recommended for 2 or more people.

If you would rather have a guide, all hikes are available as guided or self-guided opportunities so the choice is yours. For details on the various hike itineraries offered, visit the Dolomites Mountains official website.

Photo credits: Bill Stanley, Bill Stanley, Bill Stanley

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