Hike to the Eyjafjallajölkull Volcano and Glacier

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Eyjafjallajokull glacier

Eyjafjallajokull glacier

A trip to the Eyjafjallajölkull volcano and glacier in South Iceland makes a challenging but rewarding all-day hike for those who enjoy scenic surroundings.

Eyjafjallajölkull is the 6th biggest glacier in Iceland, and is situated to the north of Skógar and to the west of the bigger glacier Myrdalsjokull. On a clear day, when you reach the top of Eyjafjallajölkull you can see about half of the island and surrounding water.

If you’re also a skier, you can challenge yourself to hike up to the volcano and if conditions permit, to ski down. A tour company called Glacier Guides offers this exact experience as a day trip from Reykjavik.

Eyjafjallajokull volcano

Eyjafjallajokull volcano

Difficulty Level Is Demanding

While the adventure of hiking to a volcano may lure you, this is one hike you have to be in shape for, before you tackle it. It takes about 6-8 hours to hike up to the volcano. By the time you descend, it will take anywhere from 10-12 hours total. The trip difficulty is rated a 4 out of a possible 5. 

If you don’t think you are quite up to that challenge, Iceland’s South Coast offers plenty of other volcano and glacier hikes. One favorite is a tour that takes hikers on Sólheimajökull glacier which includes an optional intro to ice climbing.


Take a Tour by Jeep

If your heart is set on seeing Eyjafjallajölkull, but you’re not up to the strenuous hike, the Iceland tour provider, SuperJeep provides an all-day tour that also includes additional stops and photo ops like the waterfall of Seljalandsfoss.

The company’s Land Rover Defender jeeps are well equipped for the Icelandic terrain as it crosses rivers and streams, passes caves, and delivers passengers to the Eyjafjallajölkull volcano. 

Photo credits: Paul RAtravelwayoflife, Radar Communication

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