Interact with Marine Life at the Miami Seaquarium

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Seaquarium Miami

Seaquarium Miami

If you’re headed to sunny Miami to escape the winter weather, you want to be careful not to get too much sun all at one time. A bad sunburn can ruin your vacation, so schedule your beach and pool time around other things to do like a visit to the Miami Seaquarium, where you can take in the entire park and all the shows in about four hours.

The best time to arrive to take it all in is from 9:30-12:00.


Seaquarium Miami offers opportunities to interact with dolphins.

Miami Seaquarium Shows

The Miami Seaquarium has been in operation for more than 50 years, and over that time has continued to grow.

Today, it offers eight different marine animal shows and presentations and is considered a premier entertainment destination for those who with a heart for wildlife conservation. It provides the traditional tranquil underwater views of marine life plus some interactive opportunities, too.

Swim with Dolphins

The Miami Seaquarium provides guests with a couple of different options to experience the park’s dolphins up close and personal with interaction programs located at Dolphin Harbor.

The Dolphin Odyssey program: If you want to try the Dolphin Odyssey program, advanced reservations are strongly suggested. Participants wear a wet suit and before entering the pool are instructed by one of the trainers on dolphin behavior and physiology. Once coached, participants climb into the water where the dolphins do tricks including kisses, handshakes, and a dorsal pull you’ll never forget.

Shallow-water Dolphin Encounter: The shallow-water Dolphin Encounter is more suitable for kids, but is enjoyed by all ages. You don’t have to worry if you can’t swim because this program lets you watch these intelligent animals swim to you as you stand in a few feet of water.

The experience lasts for about 30 minutes and lets you shake “hands,” get kisses, and more.

Sea Trek Reef Encounter

For the Sea Trek Reef Encounter participants suit up in a dive helmet that lets you breathe freely, under the sea as you walk through Seaquarium’s 300,000 gallon tropical reef. On this incredible journey you’ll encounter a wide variety of sea creatures including sting rays and tropical fish.

Miami Seaquarium manatee release

Miami Seaquarium is also involved in manatee rescue and rehab.

Manatee, Sea Turtles, and More

While the Miami Seaquarium is a popular attraction, behind the scenes it is also at the forefront of manatee and sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation.

Along with seeing these unique creatures during your visit, other exhibits include sharks, seal and sea lions, as well as colorful tropical birds.

This is one destination the whole family will enjoy.

Photo credits: Scott Ableman, sapienssolutions, MyFWCmedia

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